Hometextile fabric:

Anti stain table cloth

This product has the main feature in a particular finishing, which can award to the fabric the anti-stain property, without reducing the quality of smoothness typical of cotton. The finishing has a good resistance to the recommended tempetures (30°-40°). It is recommended, when necessary, to iron the table – cloth on the down side.

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Waxed table-cloth, with packaging suitable for large scale distribution.
This article is distributed in boxes of 12 items automatically assorted from approximately 2000 patterns which are continuously being updated among the most recent and up to date creations.

Seasonal Design

Some Clients are Mail Order Catalogues who demand high quality, average prices, speed in delivery and a large amount of available designs, such as: figurative, geometric, abstract, flowers, fruits, animal, scenery, hunting, fishing, etc. Clients normally indicate what kind of fantasy they are looking for, and the required season. We are aware that the item, once chosen, has to be ready to be shipped in a very short time to be able to satisfy market requirements.
In the picture: typical example of a seasonal design.


The offer of waxed table-cloths on rolls to be sold by the metre solves all problems of size and personalisation of the labels and presents easier solutions for those retailers who have suitable dispensers.
However, these can be supplied by us as well with a practical and safe cutter which is easy to mount and use as part and parcel of our sales service, as it can be supplied by us free of cherge.

Transparent apron

Nice, new, useful.


Oval waxed table-cloth.